SUFI Puff Margarine

A pastry is only as good as the ingredients used in making its dough. Offering enhanced levels of plasticity, Sufi Puff Margarine stands out as the best pastry dough. Its perfect and uniform layered results make it the secret ingredient of all your recipes.  


SUFI Bake Margarine

Sufi Bake Margarine is an ideal margarine for fillings between sandwich cookies and sugar wafers. It maintains a perfect balance between solid and liquid phase to ensure aeration, tenderness and a long shelf life.  


SUFI Biscon Margarine

For baking cakes, biscuits, or preparing cream fillings, Sufi Biscon offers you the highest quality margarine. It gives your product a superb texture, unmatched flavor and a long shelf life. Manufactured with advanced machinery and under high quality standards, Sufi Biscon Margarine is the ideal ingredient for your baking needs.  


Sufi Biscon Shortening

Sufi Biscon is the most preferred ingredient for crispy and delicious biscuits, wafers and cookies. With superb shortening, blends and good oxidative stability, nothing compares to the texture, consistency and rich flavor of Sufi Biscon.  

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