SUFI Soybean Cooking Oil

Did you know?

  • Sufi Soybean oil has the highest nutritional value. It provides proteins and amino acids in the amounts needed for a healthy body.
  • Oil made from has soybean has absolutely no cholesterol, which dramatically reduces risks for heart disease.
  • The linoliec and linolenic fatty acids in soybean oil help the body absorb nutrients from food and help grow healthy cells.
  • It is low in harmful saturated fats and high in heart healthy fats. Its overall fat profile makes it ideal for heart patients.


  • 10 ltr Tin
  • 5 ltr Tin
  • 2.5 ltr Tin
  • 4.5 ltr Bottle
  • 3 ltr Bottle
  • 1 ltr Bottle
  • 1.8 ltr Bottle
  • 1 ltr x 5 Pouch




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