Staying fit in Ramadan

SUFI is back with another episode of Ramadan tips. It is hard to bring oneself to exercise during fasting. People who are regular about their fitness regimes try to escape the routine to combat the tiredness and weakness due to lack of food and water. The pace of life also reduces during this month, so after a whole 30 days of lack of exercise it is actually hard to come back to routine.

We are here with some tips for keeping fit in Ramadan, and keeping up with your exercise routine, to ward of the calories put on by the extensive consumption of pakoras, samosas and other deep fried, oily eatables.

Ramadan should not be your excuse to stop exercising. You can change the time of your exercise, the duration of the exercise, even the type of exercises you have been doing. The idea is to keep your body in shape, so go for lighter exercises.

Incorporate those meals in your iftar and sehri which keep you energized for a longer time, as we have already been telling you. This will help you stay fresh after some exercise too. After iftar, remember, keep yourself hydrated, and drink lots of water to make for the one lost while exercising.

Best time to work out is before sehri. Since it is hard for women to free up enough time to work out before sehri, you can also workout 25 minutes before iftar. At that time if you are fatigues out and find it hard to exercise, the best option is to go for a light iftar, and workout after one hour, and then have a healthy dinner.

Do listen to your body and do not stress it out. If you don’t feel fit to work out, take some rest. It is necessary to take adequate amount of sleep. Since sleep time becomes short during the night, take naps in the daytime to make up for the lost sleep.

Last but not the least; match your eating patterns with your fitness regimes. Avoid oily and fatty food, and foods that induce laziness. If you are suffering from some illness, do consult your doctor before exercising in Ramadan.

Stay healthy this Ramadan with our tips and enjoy the sacred month to its fullest. Ramadan Kareem. : )




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