Fusion workouts

Over the years, people have been giving much thought to physical fitness and fighting obesity or to generally keep healthy. There a number of workout routines, that have their own benefits. But since each workout offers a different set of benefits, most people are lost on what to adopt in daily life.

What could be better than combining more than one kind of exercises and reap more benefits. Thus, enter the fusion workouts, which help keep people energized, achieve target weight, and get their ideal body shape.

When it comes to fusion workouts, it combines at least two different kinds of workouts. So it can be a combination of yoga and cardio activities, boxing and Pilates, strength training and running activities etc. Here we discuss a few of the fusion workouts, that our readers can adopt either by themselves, or contact a nearby gym for the sessions.

The first fusion workout combines the benefits of boxing with Pilates and calls it piloxing. So the move combination comes from boxing, where you use the whole body instead of just the arms, effectively making it a Pilates move too.

The next fusion workout uses only one machine, i.e. the treadmill. Change pace from walking to jogging and then to a fast sprint at one minute intervals. Then come back to a slow pace and do lunges and sidesteps while walking slowly on the treadmill. This is running and strengthening combined.

Some workouts use dance routines. Pop Pilates is one kind, where Pilates moves are timed and choreographed on pop music like a dance. Another one uses the rigorous training of ballet and combines it with a strengthening workout.

The Soul cycle workout combines cycling i.e. cardio activities with strength training. This type of workout needs a stationary bike. The person exercising can use the resistance bands hanging above the cycle for strength training while cycling.

Zencore combines yoga and cardio activities, by combining stationary yoga poses with dynamic aerobics moves. A typical step may start with a yoga pose, flowing into an aerobic move and ending on another yoga pose. The workout ends with meditation, thus clearing the mind and making people feel refreshed.

The last fusion workout we like is a water workout. So your pool is not just for swimming. You can use it to tone your muscles as well. Stand in shoulder deep water, and run in your place. The resistance from water will tone the muscles. You can also jump in your place, but before that make sure you know how to swim. Also you know how to recover if you lose your footing in the pool.

So, do you work out to keep healthy? Have you ever tried to combine work out routines? If not , choose the one you like from above and notice the difference it brings in your life.



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