Eid Preparations

We are almost halfway through Ramadan.  Eid is fast approaching, and many of us are doing their Eid preparations. Some are done with most of them; others are yet in the process. Today we will talk about Eid preparation and traditions.

Eid preparations require a thorough cleaning of the house. Curtains are changed, new cushions are made. Some people even go for some new pieces of furniture. The house has to look its best on the day of Eid. Not only that, the best crockery is put on display and is used to serve the guests.

Most people make new dresses to celebrate the event. Special feasts are held and the event is taken as an annual family gathering event. This event is treasured by many families as they get to meet many of their relatives whom they couldn’t meet throughout the year due to busy lifestyles.

Every family has a traditional sheer khurma recipe, which is prepared on the night before Eid to be served to the guests on Eid day. The variations are immense with a liquid consistency sheer khurma at one end of the spectrum and a kheer/pudding consistency on the other end. Some households prepare vermicelli sweets, which are high on sugar content but are extremely tasty.

A typical Eid day starts with a special prayer held in mosques. In other parts of the world, even women go to attend the Eid prayer. After that, customs vary all over the world. In Pakistan and other Muslim countries, Eid is a calendar event, and is a holiday. People meet each other, eat Eid delicacies. Eidi, which is monetary gift, is given to children and is an anticipated event of the day.

Girls apply henna on their hands, wear bangles and other jewelry to adorn them. Boys wear traditional dresses on Eid day.

Muslims residing in majority Non Muslim countries, like USA, also have their own Eid festivals.  They arrange fairs and attend them to meet their own communities.

Even during our happiness, we as Muslims try not to forget the under privileged ones in the society. Charity organizations arrange for programs at orphanages, old homes, hospitals to include these people in the festivities. Over the years, the concept of volunteering is rising, especially in youth and Eid is the best day to volunteer.

Dear SUFI readers, let’s make this Eid a blissful experience. We all have been doing the rest for all our lives. We all have made new clothes, furnished our houses and made the tastiest delicacies for the event. Let’s each of us try to bring happiness to at least one other person, other than ourselves. We shall also remember that Pakistan got independence in this holy month on 27th of Ramadan (14th August 1947). This time around we have Independence Day celebrations in Ramadan again, so we should pray and resolve to contribute positively to the success of Pakistan.

Let’s take the message of happiness and celebration forward. Together let’s make this Eid memorable.




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