Eid dishes around the world

Eid is just around the corner, and we are getting excited to celebrate the occasion. Today, we will talk about special Eid dishes made around the world.

Here in Pakistan it’s Sheer khurma and its many variations. At some places it’s also siwayyon ka zarda, which is dry kind of dish made with vermicelli and lots of ghee and sugar and is pretty tricky to make.

Some people from Middle East prepare Ma’amool, which are cookies filled with a walnut or a date mixture. Others like baklava which again is a Middle Eastern sweet treat, made with layers of filo pastry, nuts and sugar syrup.

In Egypt, Muslims are accustomed to prepare and eat typical Egyptian cuisine like Fata, which is a lamb and bread soup and is served on toasted khubz (a kind of flatbread) and rice. They also make or buy Kahk, which is a sweet cookie filled with nuts and covered with powdered sugar. Some neighborhoods organize carnivals as well.

In Afghanistan, people celebrate this occasion by exchanging sweets and serving some traditional food, which includes jelabi (which is similar to our jalebi), Shor Nakhod (sort of a chickpea soup) served with meat and naans, and Cake wa Kolcha (which is a simple cake).

Indonesia and Malaysia have a somewhat similar cuisine, with some differences. Over Eid, traditional Indo-Malay dishes like Ketaput (rice dumplings served with chicken), Dodol ( a sweet delicacy), Rendang (which is a spicy meat dish) and other eatables.

At this time, it is not only the traditional food that is loved and liked; some non-traditional items are very popular for exchanging. Cakes, biscuits, pastries are some of the favorite food items, and Eid day for bakeries is one of the busiest time in the year. Apart from that, ice-creams and other frozen delicacies are shared with friends and family.

As we look at the cuisines served around the world, we notice that sweets are pre dominant. The essence of Eid is not complete unless something sweet is not involved. Children have a wonderful time being spoilt for a couple of days, having holidays from schools, dressed up in their best attires and receiving love from every elder around. They enjoy the sweets tremendously and look forward to the day.

We at SUFI hope that each of our readers completes their preparation in time, to enjoy and savor the moments of Eid with friends and family.



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