Hamza Vegetable Oil Refinery and Ghee Mills Pvt Ltd is currently harnessing state of the art batch and continuous processes for its manufacturing. When the company first took off, it initiated production with batch process units in 1992. The following two units installed used continuous process production which is maximizing mechanization on every front; it has fully computerized functioning and operates automatically.

Conventional Processes of Production

At the time of its inception, our company was employing the conventional process in keeping with the technology trend of the industry at that time. However, this was a lengthy and time consuming procedure, inclusive of several stages. Its main features included

  1. Neutralization: removal of FFA present in oil with alkali
  2. Bleaching: removal of color contents with bleaching earth
  3. Hydrogenation: conversion of unsaturated fatty acids into saturated fatty acids to stabilize oil
  4. Deodorization: removal of objectionable contents with steam distillation under vacuum


In keeping with our promise to the customer to maintain state of the art technology to deliver high quality products, we reengineered our production in 2003, and again in 2008. Hiring the services of the world renowned Belgian company “Desmet Bellestra” was came into complete automated and computerized mode of production using the Siemens S7 control system. The conventional process of Neutralization was replaced with Oil Centrifugal Clarifying and Separating Technology of the German technology leader Westphalia Separators.

Continuous Processes of Production and Beyond

The introduction of continuous process plants has been an integral part of the company’s growth and image creation. In keeping with the motto of the company, this automation has guaranteed constant production and uniform quality to ensure excellence is delivered to our customers year after year.

In addition to this, the plants are now equipped to operate on low energy requirements, reduced manpower, avoid process loss and entail minimum wastage in complement to controlled chemical consumption. The pressing and filtering technologies are PLC controlled, with a precise dosage of activated bleaching earth in color content removal to maintain safety.

Thanks to the technology adoption, we now proudly offer our customers improved taste and smell of our ghee and oil which undergoes a shorter processing period. Handling has been simplified due to the addition of function keys, ensuring impeccable quality. Our products now serve a longer shelf life, for the convenience of our customers.

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