Employees to Family


At Hamza Vegetable Oil Refinery and Ghee Mills, we cherish everyone associated with us and the work that we do. In the process of building production plants and product lines, we built a team which is now our most valuable and cherished asset. Every employee linked to our company is like a family member, and the growth we have seen and the success we have celebrated over the years has come from the dedication and commitment of our employees giving their best at every stage in our production and marketing journey. We feel privileged due to the immense talent of our qualified team members, who have not only chosen to work with us, but exhibited commendable loyalty over time.

We offer a work environment built around principles of mutual respect and tolerance. As a team, we motivate and facilitate so that each member can apply himself and give his best performance. We believe in synergizing and optimizing. Here, you will not only attain a sense of achievement in the growth of the company, but in your own as well.

Employee Facilities

We have maintained our tradition of investing in our most valued assets consistently. To begin, we offer a competitive salary package. Employees are engaged in frequent trainings so that they can equip themselves with relevant skills and continue to learn throughout their career with us. All our Heads of Departments and Executives are provided expensed vehicles for their convenience.

We not only consider our employees family, we treat them that way also. Bonuses are given out, especially on occasions such as Eid to contribute to their celebrations. Quality health benefits are part of our job contract, not only for the employee but his/her spouse and children as well so that we reach out to the entire family. We also have the tradition of sending our senior employees and their spouse for Haj. Recreational activities are also a highlight on our human resource agenda; annual family trips are conducted so that a family that works hard together can relax together and strengthen its bond.

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